Our Mission

Happy Network Marketing as the name suggests is totally dedicated to Overall HAPPINESS for those who want to be Happy. Paramahansa Yogananda Said

Out of JOY we Come, In search of JOY we live and We will melt again in the same secred JOY

Basically it is Mission Happiness

Since birth and till end of our life, whatever we do, we seek happiness through that act, whether it is eating, working, moving, sleeping, dreaming, thinking, Loving, worshiping etc, just rewind your mental thoughts and you will find that your ultimate AIM is Happiness and only Happiness.

That Happiness is nothing but GOD, the Almighty, the creater or what ever you name it. Have you seen a SAD God? No ! you will never find a SAD God. Actually through Happiness we are looking for GOD, Who is made us as His image. We only have to realize it.

This website will try to make you Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Happy. Just keep on visiting us and remain in touch. We promise your overall development provided you want to be Happy.