Power of Prayers by Yogananda


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You will be surprised how, by constant prayer, your life will change − not the prayer of a beggar, but the loving demand of a child to his Heavenly Father….You have a divine right inherited from God to demand from Him; and He will respond to you because you are His own.

The time to pray to God for guidance is after you have meditated and felt that inner peace and joy;…If you think you have a need, you can then place it before God and ask whether it is a legitimate prayer. If you feel inwardly that your need is just, then pray: “Lord, you know that this is my need. I will reason, I will be creative, I will do whatever is necessary. All I ask of You is that You guide my will and creative abilities to the right things that I should do.”


“What is the best prayer?” a disciple inquired. Paramahansa Yogananda replied:
“Say to the Lord: ‘Please tell me Thy will.’ Don’t say: ‘I want this and I want that,’ but have faith that He knows what you need. You will see that you get much better things when He chooses for you.”


Never think that God does not answer your prayers. Every word you have whispered to Him He has written in His heart, and someday He will answer you. If you keep watching for Him and the many ways in which He does respond, you will know that in fact He answers you all the time.


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